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Anti-Theft Solar Panel Mounting Clips

Our anti-theft solar panel mounting clips are designed to securely tether your solar panels, bolstering their protection against theft and harsh weather conditions.

  • Specialised Design. Our unique anti theft clips provide secure installation for your panels, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Quality Guaranteed. Crafted with the highest quality materials, our anti-theft solar panel clips offer durability and resistance against harsh weather conditions.
  • Prevent Theft. Deter theft with our solution, making it difficult for anyone to remove your solar panels without specific tools.
  • Quick and Easy Installation. Our anti-theft clips are designed for simplicity, saving you time and effort during installation.

Introducing the Zephyr anti-theft solar panel clips – they’re a game-changer in solar security. We’ve meticulously designed these clips to secure your solar panels, making it nearly impossible to remove them without specialized tools. Made with top-grade materials, they exhibit superior durability and resilience to South Africa’s challenging weather conditions. But that’s not all – these clips are not only robust, they’re also user-friendly, designed for a straightforward installation process.


Zephyr Solar Technologies


IBR / Corrugated Metal Roof Sheets

Installation Site

Roof Top

Wind Load

2000 Pa



Locking Mechanism

Anti-Theft Bracket


With all roof types

Weather Resistance

Self-drilling tekscrews in stainless steel or Class 4 coated material


Plain aluminium finish


Professional Structural Engineer

Service Life

25+ Years


10 Year Guarantee

  • Robust Construction: Our Zephyr solar clips boast of a strong and durable construction, crafted from quality IBR or corrugated metal roof sheets.
  • Wind Resistance: They are designed to withstand wind loads up to 2000 Pa, providing a stable mount in adverse weather conditions.
  • Anti-Corrosive Material: Made from premium aluminium, our anti-theft clips offer excellent resistance against corrosion, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: The anti-theft bracket locking mechanism guarantees a secure setup, deterring potential theft of your solar panels.
  • Universal Compatibility: Our clips are compatible with all types of roofs, offering flexibility and ease of installation.
  • Exceptional Weather Resistance: With self-drilling tekscrews made from stainless steel or Class 4 coated material, these clips are equipped to resist extreme weather conditions.
  • Professional Certification: All our products are certified by a professional structural engineer, assuring their quality and reliability.
  • Long-Lasting: With a service life of over 25 years and a 10-year warranty, our clips offer remarkable durability and peace of mind.


  • Enhanced Security: Rest assured, our Zephyr solar panel clips are equipped with a specialized anti-theft mechanism, offering heightened security for your valuable solar panels.
  • Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, these clips exhibit exceptional strength and resilience, capable of withstanding South Africa’s harshest weather conditions with ease.
  • Easy Solar Panel Installation: We’ve designed these clips with simplicity in mind, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free installation process that anyone can handle.
  • Long-Term Investment: Consider your purchase of these clips as a wise long-term investment. With a service life of over 25 years and a 10-year warranty, you can trust in their reliability and longevity.
  • Versatility: Our clips are universally compatible, fitting seamlessly onto all types of roofs. Enjoy tremendous flexibility during installation, adapting to your unique needs effortlessly.
  • Certified Quality: You can have peace of mind knowing that all our products are certified by professional structural engineers. This certification guarantees the highest quality, utmost reliability, and compliance with rigorous safety standards.
  • Resilience: Our clips are meticulously crafted using anti-corrosive aluminum and weather-resistant self-drilling tekscrews. This ensures their ability to withstand the elements, providing unwavering support to your solar panels throughout the year.

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