Zephyr Tile Bracket

Solar Panel Mounting Brackets For Tile Roof

With a strong emphasis on durability and reliability, Zephyr’s mounting brackets are built to withstand the diverse South African weather, making solar energy a practical and sustainable choice for your home.

Manufactured using top-quality materials, our brackets offer unmatched stability and durability, providing a secure foundation for your solar panels. Designed to seamlessly integrate with all standard tile roofs, our brackets ensure an elegant and inconspicuous installation. Moreover, our tile roof mounting brackets are specifically built to withstand the harsh conditions of South Africa, ensuring that your solar panels remain intact and productive throughout the seasons. With Zephyr, you’re not just investing in a product that optimizes solar energy production, enhances your home’s aesthetics, and contributes to a sustainable future, but also gaining peace of mind knowing you made the right choice.


Zephyr Solar Technologies


IBR / Corrugated Metal Roof Sheets

Installation Site

Roof Top

Wind Load

2000 Pa



Locking Mechanism

Anti-Theft Bracket


With all roof types

Weather Resistance

Self-drilling tekscrews in stainless steel or Class 4 coated material


Plain aluminium finish


Professional Structural Engineer

Service Life

25+ Years


10 Year Guarantee

  • Superior Quality Material: Made from top-grade IBR/Corrugated Metal Roof Sheets, our mounting brackets for roof tiles are very durable
  • High Wind Resistance: With a wind load capacity of 2000 Pa, these tile roof solar panel brackets can withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring the stability of your solar panels.
  • Anti-Corrosive Property: Made of high-quality aluminium, a material known for its anti-corrosive properties, our brackets are perfect for South Africa’s diverse weather conditions.
  • Enhanced Security: The anti-theft bracket locking mechanism secures your solar panels, preventing unauthorized removal or tampering.
  • Wide Compatibility: Our mounting brackets are designed to fit all roof types, ensuring that every homeowner can benefit from solar energy.
  • Exceptional Weather Resistance: The use of self-drilling tekscrews in stainless steel or Class 4 coated material enhances the weather resistance of our brackets.
  • Long Service Life: With a service life of 25+ years and a 10-year guarantee, Zephyr’s brackets are an investment that pays off over time.
  • Certified and Reliable: Our brackets for solar panels are certified by a Professional Structural Engineer, assuring you of their safety and reliability.


  • Security and Peace of Mind: The anti-theft bracket locking mechanism prevents unauthorized tampering or removal of your solar panels, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Flexible Installation: Our versatile design accommodates all roof types, offering flexibility and ensuring that every homeowner’s needs are met.
  • Weather Resistant: With exceptional weather resistance provided by self-drilling tekscrews in stainless steel or Class 4 coated material, our bracket solutions can endure harsh weather conditions, thereby protecting your investment.
  • Long-Term Investment: With a service life of 25+ years backed by a 10-year guarantee, Zephyr’s brackets are a valuable long-term investment for harnessing solar energy efficiently.

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