Zephyr Cliplock Bracket

Clip-Lock Solar Brackets

Clip-lock mounting clips offer a non-intrusive alternative way to mount PV array to clip-lock roof sheeting. And Engineered for maximum durability and stability, Zephyr’s solarframe clip-lock brackets provide a firm and reliable mount for your solar panels, safeguarding your investment. These roof brackets are also easy to install, reducing the time and cost associated with setting up your solar energy system. With a focus on quality and sustainability, we’re committed to aiding our customers’ transition to renewable energy sources.

Clip-Lock Solar Brackets 

Our clip-lock mounting clips offer a cutting-edge solution for securing solar panels. Designed specifically for clip-lock type roofs, these mounting brackets provide an easy and non-penetrating mounting option. The clip-lock bracket clamps onto the roof ribs, allowing for the attachment of an adjustable roof rail clamp or L-bracket to connect the rail to the clip-lock roof ribs.


Zephyr Solar Technologies



Installation Site


Wind Load

2000 PA



Locking Mechanism

Anti-Theft Bracket


All roof types

Weather Resistance

Self-drilling tekscrews in stainless steel or Class 4 coated material


Plain Aluminum Finish


Professional Structural Engineer

Service Life

25+ Years


10 Year Guarantee

  • Long-Lasting Durability: Crafted from high-quality aluminum, our brackets are built to last, ensuring your solar panels remain secure for years to come.
  • Non-Penetrating Installation: The innovative clip-lock design allows for easy installation on any roof type without causing any damage, saving you costly repair expenses.
  • Superior Wind Resistance: With a wind load rating of 2000 PA, these brackets can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, keeping your solar panels safe and operational.
  • Anti-Theft Mechanism: Our brackets feature a unique anti-theft lock, offering additional security for your solar panels and peace of mind for you.
  • Extended Service Life and Warranty: Guaranteed by a professional structural engineer, our brackets have a service life of over 25 years and come with a 10-year warranty.
  • Weather Resistant: Built to resist the elements, our brackets will maintain their strength and integrity in all weather conditions. Whether it’s the blazing sun or heavy rainfall, your solar panels will remain secure.
  • Universal Compatibility: Our clip-lock solar brackets are designed to fit all roof types, offering versatile solutions for your solar panel mounting needs.


  • Sustainable Energy Solution: Zephyr’s clip-lock brackets enable an efficient transition to solar energy, a clean and renewable power source that reduces your environmental footprint.
  • Stress-Free Installation: The non-penetrating clip-lock design ensures a hassle-free setup without causing any damage to your roof, saving potential repair costs.
  • Durability and Security: Made from high-quality aluminum, our brackets offer long-lasting durability and feature an anti-theft lock for increased security.
  • Weatherproof and Resilient: With superior weather resistance and a wind load rating of 2000 PA, the brackets are built to withstand all weather conditions, providing a secure mount for your solar panels.

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