Installing Solar Panels on Corrugated Metal Roof – Everything You Need to Know

Choosing the right roofing material is important for installing rooftop solar panels. With corrugated metal roofing, the racking system or attachment method can impact the ease and speed of installation.

In this post, we cover everything you need to know about installing solar panels on corrugated metal roof.

What is a Corrugated Metal Roof?

Corrugated Metal Roof

A corrugated metal roof is a type of metal roof made from metal sheets shaped into panels. These panels are secured to the roof with screws, making the fasteners visible. The traditional shape is round and wavy. It is affordable, lightweight, durable, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install.

Corrugated metal roofing is an excellent alternative to asphalt shingles or clay tiles. Its durability makes it suitable for both commercial and residential roofing and siding projects.

Corrugated Metal Roof Solar Mounting Kit

A solar mounting kit for a corrugated metal roof secures solar panels to a corrugated metal roof. The system ensures the panels remain secure and withstand weather conditions.

What is a Solar Mounting Kit for a Corrugated Roof?

A solar mounting kit for a corrugated roof includes mounts, brackets, and hardware designed for these roofs. The kit simplifies installation with a stable, durable attachment that doesn’t require structural changes. Proper mounting ensures the solar panel system’s long-term reliability.

Components of a Solar Mounting Kit for Corrugated Metal Roof

A solar mounting kit for a corrugated metal roof includes important parts. These ensure a secure and effective installation. Here are the main elements:

Rails and rail-joiners

Rails and rail joiners are essential for mounting solar panels on a corrugated metal roof. Rails provide primary support, and rail joiners connect the rails. Together, they form a continuous support system for the solar panels. Proper alignment and secure attachment keep the panels in place and functioning efficiently. We recommend consulting a professional installer to ensure optimal setup

Corrugated mounting brackets

Corrugated solar mounting brackets secure solar panels to corrugated metal roofs. These brackets match the wavy shape of the panels. They provide a stable and durable connection. Proper brackets are essential for the safety and efficiency of the solar panel system.

PV clamps and self-drilling screws

PV clamps secure solar panels to the rails, keeping them stable. Self-drilling screws attach the brackets and rails to the roof for quick and efficient installation. High-quality PV clamps and self-drilling screws are crucial for a safe and durable solar panel system.

Installation manual and layout drawing

The installation manual and layout drawing are crucial for setting up solar panels on a corrugated metal roof. The manual offers clear, step-by-step instructions for each component, and the layout drawing provides a visual guide. These tools make the installation process smooth and efficient. Correct use of the manual and layout drawing ensures a secure and functional solar panel system.

How to Install Solar Panels on Corrugated Metal Roofs?

Installing solar panels on a corrugated metal roof is easy with the right tools and know-how. Follow these steps for a secure and efficient setup:

  • Determine how much energy you need and the number of solar panels required.
  • Gather the materials for installation.
  • Clean the roof surface for proper adhesion.
  • Attach and align the mounting hardware securely.
  • Install flashing around the mounts for a watertight seal.
  • Position the solar panels on the mounting hardware.
  • Fasten the solar panels to the mounts.
  • Connect the solar panel wiring to the inverter.
  • Test the system after installation.


Can you put solar panels on a metal roof?

Yes, you can install solar panels on metal roofs. A solar mounting system attaches solar panels to your roof without altering it. It ensures the roof manufacturer’s warranty remains intact and prevents permanent damage. You can easily retrofit a solar mounting system to your existing or new metal roof.

Where can you buy a solar mounting kit for a corrugated solar roof?

Zephyr Solar sells solar mounting kits for corrugated metal roofs in South Africa. Their kits are high-quality, easy to install, and reliable. For more details, visit our website or contact our sales team.

What’s the price of solar mounting kits in South Africa?

The cost of solar mounting kits in South Africa varies based on size and components. Prices typically range from ZAR 2,000 to ZAR 8,000. Compare prices to find the best deal.

Does the color of my metal roof matter?

For better energy efficiency, choose a lighter color for your metal roof before installing a solar system. Colors like beige, tan, white, and light gray reflect more heat than dark ones. Light colors can reflect 55 to 90% of sunlight, while dark colors reflect only 5 to 20%. This keeps your roof cooler, reduces the strain on your AC, and lowers energy bills.

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