Top 10 Best Solar Mounting Systems Manufacturers South Africa

South Africa’s renewable energy sector is seeing a remarkable increase, mainly driven by the nation’s strong solar energy production. With one of the highest levels of sunlight globally, South Africa stands out as a key player in solar energy generation.

This has not only established the country as a frontrunner in renewable energy but has also nurtured the growth of many solar manufacturers striving to harness this abundant natural resource. This report delves into the pioneers of the solar manufacturing industry in South Africa, showcasing their innovative work in advancing solar technology and sustainability.

Top 10 Solar Mounting Systems Manufacturing Companies in South Africa

1. Zephyr Solar Technologies

Zephyr Solar

Zephyr Solar Technologies is renowned as a leading solar mounting systems manufacturer and supplier in South Africa. Originating in the early 90s in the solar industry, Zephyr Projects transitioned to manufacturing mounting systems in 2013.

Drawing on years of experience, they possess a deep understanding of the South African photovoltaic sector, enabling them to provide bespoke solar components tailored to meet all solar installation needs. Specialising in solar panel stands and components, Zephyr Solar Technologies welcomes companies installing PV modules to benefit from their expertise.

2. Axe Struct

Axe Struct

Established in 2018, Axe Struct has rapidly grown into a prominent player in providing mounting solutions throughout South Africa. Fueled by a deep passion for crafting highly effective PV mounting solutions, Axe Struct caters to a broad array of solar needs. Their all-encompassing services encompass planning, swift delivery, and on-site support, showcasing a dedication to local requirements and global benchmarks.

By prioritising the understanding of installer and client needs, they’ve engineered products specifically designed for easy and cost-efficient mounting in diverse settings. Their product range is divided into three key sectors: car ports, ground mounts, and roof tops, with supplementary options for floating solar, roofless, and tracker systems.

3. Solarframe


Established in October 2012 to fill a gap in affordable and professional solar roof mounting solutions in the Garden Route area, SolarFrame quickly stood out as a leading manufacturer of solar PV mounting systems in South Africa. With a strong foundation in planning and producing both roof and ground-mounted PV solar arrays, SolarFrame ensures its solutions are effective and innovative. Committed to continual improvement, the company invests significantly in research and development to expand its product range, focusing on diversity and simplicity.

SolarFrame has grown its customer base successfully, providing affordable, user-friendly products throughout South Africa and Africa. Their design focuses on durability and ease of installation, featuring aluminium roof-mounted products with stainless steel components, and ground mounts made from hot-dipped galvanised mild steel. Tailored solar system mounting kits for retail customers, efficient manufacturing upgrades, and fast shipping times further highlight SolarFrame’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, establishing it as a standout manufacturer in the solar industry.

4. Sinetech


Sinetech has solidified its reputation as a reliable supplier of quality products, delivering exceptional service in the South African market. The company prides itself on providing products that are not only top-notch but also rigorously tested for use in challenging African environments. With a vast selection of over 3000 products/models, Sinetech offers a wide range of solar and hybrid systems, UPS systems/generators, and inverter backup systems to cater to the varied needs of the South African community.

Backed by a team of highly skilled technical consultants, Sinetech offers expert advice on PV solar and hybrid system designs, ensuring innovative solutions tailored to individual requirements. Their focus is on offering clients peace of mind through reliable and cost-effective products, efficient service, and exceeding client expectations with their product warranties.

5. KD Solar

KD Solar

KD Solar has emerged as a leading manufacturer and service provider in the solar panel mounting industry, offering a wide range of solutions tailored to meet diverse solar installation needs. Renowned for its production of a comprehensive range of solar panel mounting solutions —including A-frames, solar panel mounting brackets, roof hooks, and roof clamps—KD Solar is known for its innovative approach to both penetrating and non-penetrating roof solutions. These products are designed to suit a variety of roof surfaces, such as tiled, flat, slate, corrugated, IBR, and standing seam roofs, with customized options available for less common roof types.

Their non-penetrating systems, along with the unique KD Solar Profile for solar racking, show a dedication to minimizing installation impact while ensuring ease of assembly. In addition to rooftop solutions, KD Solar specialises in ground-mount structures and bespoke solar power panel structures for various applications, offered in different finishes to meet project requirements. With an experienced team specialising in solar panel installations, KD Solar assures not only product excellence but also professional installation services, making it a top choice for solar businesses and individual clients in need of reliable solar panel mounting systems.

6. SunMount

sunmount south africa

SunMount specialises in providing a wide range of rooftop, ground-mounted, and solar carport solutions for solar module installations and other applications like walkways and trunking. As a local manufacturer dedicated to supporting the African region, SunMount places emphasis on quality, cost-effectiveness, and designs tailored to local conditions.

The company proudly boasts over 100 MW of solar PV systems installed with their rooftop mounting structures, which cater to rail, direct-mount, and terraced mount installations, and are available with HDG or Z275 pre-galvanised coatings to meet various climate needs. SunMount is committed to providing exceptional service, utilising their extensive knowledge and competitive pricing to nurture long-term relationships and drive shared goals in renewable energy and innovation.

7. Valsa


Valsa truly shines in the solar industry by taking an inclusive approach. They firmly believe that quality solar work should be attainable for installers of all levels of experience, not just seasoned pros. Drawing from their own early days and challenges faced during installations, Valsa is deeply dedicated to supporting every solar installer with solar mounting solutions, solar PV products, design & engineering, and expert advice & guidance.

With 14 years of experience, Valsa has perfected their skills to provide cutting-edge solutions and valuable assistance. They take pride in locally manufacturing their PV solar mounting structures using aluminium and galvanised steel, ensuring durability and dependability. Valsa doesn’t stop at products; they offer comprehensive turn-key PV solutions, aiding with design and engineering needs for seamless and efficient solar installations.

8. Lumax Energy

lumax energy

Lumax Energy is dedicated to developing and crafting a wide array of structural solutions tailored for mounting photo-voltaic panels. Our in-house services enable us to meticulously design, fine-tune, and produce specifications that are just right for each project, ensuring precision from the outset. Lumax takes pride in its top-tier engineering and design capabilities, establishing itself as one of the premier South African roof manufacturers.

9. SolarWorld


SolarWorld shines as an icon of innovation in the solar energy industry, particularly within the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) sector, leading the way in embedded generation integration. The company has taken significant steps by supplying various flagship projects across Africa, including rooftop installations on shopping centres and office blocks, agricultural production and cold storage facilities, and carport solutions. Offering projects ranging from 50kWp to over 1MWp, SolarWorld provides a wide range of products tailored to meet the specific requirements of commercial and industrial customers.

In the residential sector, SolarWorld offers high-quality products suitable for all housing types, from upscale homes to tourism-focused properties, ensuring partners can address crucial home energy needs. By offering compatible storage solutions, users can select energy backup, self-consumption optimization, or complete grid independence. Moreover, SolarWorld’s involvement in infrastructure projects—such as telecommunications, water pumping, water purification, street lighting, and rural mini-grids—demonstrates its commitment to enhancing lives across Africa by facilitating access to modern media, information, education, healthcare, and clean water.

10. Solar Structures Africa

Solar Structures Africa

Solar panels are now the preferred solution to the world’s energy crisis. Solar Structures Africa (SSA) is proud to showcase its dedication to this green revolution by offering lightweight steel support structures, which stand as the most cost-effective sub-frame for solar installations. These structures are available in pre-punched kit form, allowing for easy assembly, or our specialised teams can handle the full installation.

Our professional team is ready to custom design structures for even the most complex projects, ensuring each installation is optimised for efficiency and durability. If you’re looking for information on PV For mounting structures, mounting systems, ground mounting, solar mounting systems, or the best solar structure prices in South Africa, get in touch with SSA today. At SSA, we are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients in the ever-evolving solar energy sector.

Why Choose Zephyr Solar Technologies Solar Panel Mounting Structures?

Opting for Zephyr Solar Technologies for your solar panel mounting structures brings unmatched benefits. Renowned for innovation and a strong focus on the solar energy sector, Zephyr excels in product quality, precise engineering, and a commitment to sustainability.

The company customises solutions to fit the unique requirements of each project, ensuring top performance and durability. With extensive industry expertise and a customer-centric approach, Zephyr offers full assistance, from design and engineering to installation, establishing itself as a reliable partner in achieving energy efficiency and renewable energy targets.


Who is the biggest supplier of solar mounting products in South Africa?

While it’s a competitive field with many esteemed participants, Zephyr Solar Technologies has emerged as a leading manufacturer of solar mounting products in South Africa. The innovative approach, attention to quality, and dedication to sustainability position Zephyr prominently within the industry.

How much does a Zephyr solar mounting system cost?

The price of a Zephyr solar mounting system can vary depending on multiple factors, such as the size of the installation, the chosen type of mounting system, and any specific design requirements for the project. To provide a more precise estimate, Zephyr offers personalized consultations to understand the unique needs of each project.

Prices can vary widely, but for a standard residential solar panel system, costs might start from around £1,000 and can increase based on complexity and scale. For a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs, it’s best to get in touch with Zephyr directly. Their team is ready to offer competitive pricing and ensure that you receive a mounting solution that maximises efficiency and value for your investment.

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